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Sarah reviews bold interior design selections of fabric, tile, and paint swatched

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I am a habitual planner. My plans have sub-plans and there are checklists for my checklists. I am constantly considering outcomes and what the end result might be based on which decision I might make. If you are anything like me, 2020 was a disruption to it all. However, it gave me perspective that has allowed me to design for what I love today and rethink many of the safe, go-to selections that clients often request.

A perfect example is subway tile. Almost all clients suggest subway tile at some point in our initial meeting. It is classic choice, but rarely a showstopper.  I sometimes select subway tile, if we have a room full of strong elements and it falls more into the background. If subway tile lights your jets, do it. If you are selecting subway tile because it is what your friend advised or because you see it used week after week on your favorite design show, reevaluate. Subway tile has its place, but that is not in every kitchen and bathroom.

Here are 10 of my favorite ideas for infusing bold interior design into your home.

  1. Saturated Color
  2. Dynamic Lighting
  3. Patterned Tile
  4. Wallpapered Ceiling
  5. Murals
  6. Mixing Patterns
  7. Dynamic Finish – Lacquer
  8. Detailed Carpentry – Lattice Detail
  9. Art! 
  10. Unexpected Details

Make selections based on what you love and what works best in the space. Take a chance on something that sparks excitement within you. Go for it. 

If you’re interested in taking chances in your own space, download our Guide to Making Bold Selections in Your Home.

We are here to help you create the Bold Interior choices in your space! 

Our Guide to Making Bold Selections in Your Home

We’ve got bold plans for your space.